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IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T Camera 2MP price in bd

IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T Camera 2MP 3.6mm (89°) fixed lens



  • Two-way Talk.
  • Human Detection.
  • Detection Region.
  • Active Deterrence.
  • Alarm Notification.
  • Multiple Lens Options.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Excellent Wi-Fi Performance.
  • Multiple Installation Options
  • External Waterproof Reset Button.

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7 days returns

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Product Details:

Cruiser delivers 2MP live monitoring with a choice of 3.6mm/6mm lens option, With 1080P Full HD live monitoring and 0~355° pan & 0~90°tilt features. Cruiser ensures every corner of your home completely covered. It supports four night vision modes for clear-as day clarity even in pitch dark. With IP66  certified, the camera can be used outdoors under different weather conditions. With built-in spotlight and 110dB security siren, Cruiser actively keeps unwelcome visitors away from what you care about.

A Colorful World, Even at Night

  • Human Detection
  • 1080P
  • H.265
  • Smart Color Night Vision
  • 360° Coverage
  • Two-way Talk
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • Built-in Spotlight and Siren
  • Dual Antenna and MIMO
  • Soft AP Mode
  • Cloud Storage

Smart Color Night Vision.
Four smart night vision modes provide clear full color or black-and-white pictures, even in complete darkness.

Infrared Mode.
Advanced IR algorithms provide clear black-and-white pictures even in darkness.

Color Mode.
Thanks to the two built-in spotlights, your night vision is now lit up and in full-color. Color Mode also offers outdoor lighting for your home.

Smart Mode.
If you switch to the Smart Mode, you can enjoy black and white night vision. The spotlights automatically turn on upon detection of suspicious motion, which shows you vivid full-color image when something happens.

Off Mode.
Provided that there’s no needs for outdoor lighting at night, switch to the Off Mode to avoid any light pollution.

0~355° Pan & 0°~ 90° Tilt
A full range of rotation ensures that your camera covers every corner of your home, with minimal blind spots.

1080P Full HD Video & H.265 Compression.
The 1080P sensor and advanced IR algorithms provide crystal clear video both day and night. The cutting-edge H.265 compression reduces network bandwidth and storage usage by 50% at the same video quality.

IP66 weatherproof design for use in multiple scenarios.

Two-way Talk.
A built-in speaker and microphone with echo cancellation allows you to interact with pets and family, or dissuade unwelcome guests.

Human Detection.
Powerful image processing technology quickly finds any human targets in images, and immediately sends a notification to your smartphone. Monitor what matters without receiving annoying false alerts.

Detection Region.
Tap and select the grid to set the camera’s motion detection area. No alarms will be triggered when motion is detected in the non-motion detection area.

Active Deterrence.
When Cruiser detects an intrusion, 2 built-in spotlights and 110dB siren keeps unwelcome visitors away and alerts you.

Alarm Notification.
Receive instant alerts on your smartphone whenever it detects motion, keeping you aware of what’s going on at your home or business from anywhere.

Excellent Wi-Fi Performance.
2.4GHz Wi-Fi with an external antenna ensures stable video streaming, even at long ranges.

Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot.
Cruiser supports soft AP mode, so you can stream a live feed or view recordings, even when there’s no Internet connection.

External Waterproof Reset Button.
Press and hold for 10s to reset the camera. No need to fiddle with the cover or internal switches!

Diversified Storage.
Video is easily stored and accessed through an internal SD card, NVR or Cloud Storage.

  • Cloud storage
  • NVR
  • SD card

Imou Cloud.
Imou Cloud makes your life easier with notifications, live video streaming, and one-touch firmware updates.

Multiple Lens Options.
A variety of lens focal lengths for different scenarios. Target: 2m (6.5ft), Install Height: 3m (9.8ft); 3.6mm: discover the target at 52.8m (173.2ft), with an 89° field of view; 6mm: discover the target at 82.8m (271.7ft), with an 54° field of view.

Multiple Installation Options

  • Ceiling
  • Wall mounted
  • Pole

Specifications :

Type of cameras Pan & Tilt
Camera Focal length 3.6mm
Camera IR Distance 30m
Colour White
Camera Audio Support Built-in Mic, Speaker, Two-way Audio
Protection Level IP66
Working Environment -30°C~+60°C



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What is the price of the IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T CCTV Camera in Bangladesh?

If you want to know IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T CCTV Camera price please call our support. You can order online and get home delivery very fast or you can visit our showrooms. If you want home delivery please order on or contact our support.
Yes, this IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T waterproof camera, but you should care for it from water. It helps to have a long-lasting camera.
Yes, IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera is night vision, you can see clearly on a computer monitor or mobile.
No need to clean the IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera, just cleaning dust on the camera outside part. If you face more problems you can call our support center. We try our best to support you.
It depends on your HDD, IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T cameras have no extra power to record anything. For this purpose you can call our support center, we work with camera disk space and suggest our best.
You can’t seed IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera memory full, because DVR/SVR delete it every 10 days video. You have no need to teach it, It's fully automatic you device-wise. We have low to high performance-wise DVR/SVR devices. You can choose your budget-wise.
This is a IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera, not a Hard drive or there are no memory cards, IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera is connected with DVR/SVR and has a memory or Hard drive and this device is fully automatic. It works to delete and clear unnecessary files.  
Yes, you can increase memory, but you should get help from expert technicians otherwise your device will face problems or other critical problems. 
Yes, but you have to have experience with an open DVR/SVR, then you can change memory or Hard Drive. If you have no, you must shout expert technicians otherwise IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera devices face problems to record or other problems.
Normally 1 year you support your Device maintenance and if you face any problem with the device you can repair free of cost from our hand.
Yes, you set up this camera in the indoor house of the office. The IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera has night vision technology that is why you have no tension about recording, you can see your office or house section from anywhere in the world. 
Yes, you can set up any outdoors but there are some limitations for one camera or another camera, for details you should talk to our support. IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera helps you see the site of your house or office in your indoor house office.
If you depend on your camera quantity approximately per camera need to set up 1 hour, whatever time to depend on your IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera and distance from one camera to another camera.  
It depends on your distance and technical skill. If you help an expert technician they can do very well in a short time, approximately two days for the IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T 10 camera. And we have very well expert technicians. They have already done many projects inside the town and outside town.
If you are outside of Dhaka you should give an extra charge, per camera you should charge 2000 tk and if you are in Dhaka, then we change it to 1000 tk per camera but all rates are negotiated. You should talk to our support center then order IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera
This is not to record sound from IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera, you just record video without sound. When you pay rfor ecorded video form you mobile or computer you just see recorded video. 
Yes, you can set it up for any other technician, but make sure the technician is an expert, otherwise the IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera is not working and is damaged. 
Yes, you can pay any bill online. We have a global payment system, it gives the opportunity for payment sent anywhere in the world. We support 26 Bank payment methods, so there is no tension.  
Sometimes we give a discount and have an offer, if any customer sees these promotional ads and orders a IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera they take a discount on this time automatically for this reason users should follow our page and see our promotional ads.
We always give the first customer a discount for increasing belief in our company. If you give IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera full setup advance you can get an extra discount, so need to talk to our support center.  
You can get a full refund for our cost, or you can change the IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera and take another camera. Users must remember that the device and camera are not open or damaged. Otherwise, your warranty or warranty will be void.  
Yes, you can but there are some limitations, if you have not used the IMOU Cruiser IPC-S22FP Wi-Fi P&T camera and on cartoon out, you have to change this camera from our company. 

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