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৳ 8,500.00

Key Features

  • 4G SIM card
  • Data bundle
  • Motion detection with outdoor lamp
  • Weatherproof
  • 2MP
  • Starlight Night Vision
  • Rotatable
  • 2 way communication
  • Storage of Images
  • Alerting
  • Sound detection

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Vimtag’s VT-843 is a Pan&Tilt Smart Camera, which gives you the clearest picture of what’s happening around your home or business when you can’t be there. Install it in the outdoor or other places to keep an eye on your home and loved ones, or place it in your business – store, office, restaurant or shop – to monitor what’s going on when you’re not around.It’s 2MP – Starlight Night Vision – Smart Motion Detection – Cloud Storage – Multiple Viewing Options – Multi User View – 360 Degrees Pan&Tilt Viewing – Two-Way Audio

Camera Specifications:

  • Video Compression: H.264
  • Light Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
  • Image frame rate: 30 fps​
  • Image resolution: HD1080P (1920*1080),
  • Image adjustment: brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness
  • White Balance BLC: Automatically
  • Night Vision: IR distance: 20 meters

4G SIM card

If you have no or poorly working WiFi, you can provide this camera with a 4G SIM card and thus have an internet connection, ideal for outdoor areas, in a stable or in the back of the garden where your home network is not good.


The size of the data bundle depends on your usage, if you have a data bundle of 1 GB, you can watch live for about 1 hour. You can also lower the resolution of the camera to 720P, then you will use about 20% less data while watching. You only use data when you log in to the camera via the app and watch. If you don’t, no data will be used.

Motion detection  with outdoor lamp function

In the event of movement, the camera sends a notification to your smartphone. You can also set the white light LEDs to turn on and the internal outdoor lamp to light up.


The Vimtag VT-843 is suitable for outdoor use, wind and waterproof.


The 2 megapixel camera provides sharp, clear and true-to-color images when you’re watching and, if desired, saves them for later viewing in high quality.

Starlight Night Vision

The cameras with special Starlight sensors provide improved night vision, in color or black and white. The color image remains good, even if it is a bit darker. The sensor registers whether it is getting dark and switches to Starlight night vision. Residual light is still needed for this. If it is completely dark, the camera uses infrared LEDs.


The camera can rotate from left to right and up and down for maximum security. Feeling safe.

2 way communication

The speaker and microphone with echo cancellation function allow you to communicate with family, correct pets or deter unwanted guests.

Sound detection

The built-in microphone detects sounds and gives a notification via the app on the smartphone.

4G camera

Place a 4G SIM card from KPN, T-mobile, Vodafone (lyca mobile is less suitable) or another provider in the camera. ( Preferably choose a SIM card that is suitable for use in a tablet)  You only use data when you watch live or download images. There are costs associated with this. You can choose a subscription or prepaid card. Please contact your telecom provider for this.

Multiple users and different devices

You can add multiple users so that the whole family can control the camera. This can be done via a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Image storage

Including 32GB memory card installed by us.

3 ways of saving images, on a Micro-SD card up to 128GB, the Cloud or the Vimtag cloud box. These options are optional. Micro-SD card from 32 GB to 16 days of recording, Cloud subscription of  7 days  or  30 days  of storage or the  Vimtag Cloudbox  where you connect 8 cameras with a 1, 2 or 4 GB hard disk.

In the package:

• Vimtag VT-843 4G camera

• Power adapter

• Mounting accessories

• Installation manual

• App for your device


Ask question

What is the price of the VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) CCTV Camera in Bangladesh?

If you want to know VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) CCTV Camera price please call our support. You can order online and get home delivery very fast or you can visit our showrooms. If you want home delivery please order on or contact our support.
Yes, this VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) waterproof camera, but you should care for it from water. It helps to have a long-lasting camera.
Yes, VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) camera is night vision, you can see clearly on a computer monitor or mobile.
No need to clean the VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) camera, just cleaning dust on the camera outside part. If you face more problems you can call our support center. We try our best to support you.
It depends on your HDD, VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) cameras have no extra power to record anything. For this purpose you can call our support center, we work with camera disk space and suggest our best.
You can’t seed VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) camera memory full, because DVR/SVR delete it every 10 days video. You have no need to teach it, It's fully automatic you device-wise. We have low to high performance-wise DVR/SVR devices. You can choose your budget-wise.
This is a VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) camera, not a Hard drive or there are no memory cards, VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) camera is connected with DVR/SVR and has a memory or Hard drive and this device is fully automatic. It works to delete and clear unnecessary files.  
Yes, you can increase memory, but you should get help from expert technicians otherwise your device will face problems or other critical problems. 
Yes, but you have to have experience with an open DVR/SVR, then you can change memory or Hard Drive. If you have no, you must shout expert technicians otherwise VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) camera devices face problems to record or other problems.
Normally 1 year you support your Device maintenance and if you face any problem with the device you can repair free of cost from our hand.
Yes, you set up this camera in the indoor house of the office. The VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) camera has night vision technology that is why you have no tension about recording, you can see your office or house section from anywhere in the world. 
Yes, you can set up any outdoors but there are some limitations for one camera or another camera, for details you should talk to our support. VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) camera helps you see the site of your house or office in your indoor house office.
If you depend on your camera quantity approximately per camera need to set up 1 hour, whatever time to depend on your VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) camera and distance from one camera to another camera.  
It depends on your distance and technical skill. If you help an expert technician they can do very well in a short time, approximately two days for the VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) 10 camera. And we have very well expert technicians. They have already done many projects inside the town and outside town.
If you are outside of Dhaka you should give an extra charge, per camera you should charge 2000 tk and if you are in Dhaka, then we change it to 1000 tk per camera but all rates are negotiated. You should talk to our support center then order VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) camera
This is not to record sound from VIMTAG 843 PTZ 4G CAMERA (SIM SUPPORTED) camera, you just record video without sound. When you pay rfor ecorded video form you mobile or computer you just see recorded video. 

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